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PLANTS FOR SALE - H to Potentilla

PLANTS FOR SALE - Primula to Weldenia




LATEST ENTRIES are indicated by a THUMBNAIL photo with a blue border.

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Our large collection of alpine plants and dwarf perennials
includes many unusual and uncommon varieties difficult to find elsewhere in New Zealand.
H x W = the approximate height and width of the plant in flower.
NZ = New Zealand native plant

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Achillea clavennaeACHILLEA clavennae $8.00
Low aromatic mounds of deeply cut grey foliage with clusters of pure white daisies in summer. Perfect for a well-drained soil on the sunny rockery. H15cm x W30cm.
Aciphylla pinnatifidaACIPHYLLA pinnatifida $9.00
A handsome low Speargrass with striking golden midribs to the spiky pinnate foliage. Male and female flowers on separate plants, plants available have not flowered yet. Moist free-draining soils. Spreads by stolons. NZ
Allium sikkimensisALLIUM sikkimensis $8.00
A dainty small bulb with slender grassy foliage and pendant clusters of lovely blue flowers in summer. Small enough for the rock garden or a sunny trough. Winter dormant.
Anagallis monelliiANAGALLIS monelli (linifolia) $8.00
An uncommon species for a sunny position, this has showy brilliant blue flowers with red eyes from early summer until autumn. Low mound of deep green foliage on branching stems. H15-20cm.
Androsace carnea laggeriANDROSACE carnea laggeri $8.00
Cushion of bright green needles and light pink flowers on short stems in spring. H6cm x W10cm.
Androsace carnea Val d'EyneANDROSACE carnea Val d'Eyne $8.00
As for laggeri above, with good-sized deeper pink flowers. H6cm x W10cm.
Androsace sarmentosa Pink formANDROSACE sarmentosa Pink Form $8.00
Clusters of bright pink flowers on short stems over large hairy rosettes. A neat crevice-hugging mat of furry rosettes. Sun.
Androsace sempervivoides Deep Pink ANDROSACE sempervivoides Deep Pink $8.00
A mat of bright green rosettes and lovely rich pink flowers in spring. H8cm x W20cm.

Androsace strigillosaANDROSACE strigillosa $8.00
Broad rosettes from a neat clump of winter resting buds. Tall slender stems carrying umbels of white saucers flushed crimson on the reverse. H20-30cm.
Anemone trullifolia hybridANEMONE trullifolia hybrid $8.00
Seedlings from our A.trullifolia stock with light blue bowls showing the influence of A.obtusiloba instead of the typical white-faced flowers with blue reverse. Foliage in low clumps, intermediate between the two species.
Antennaria dioica roseaANTENNARIA dioica rosea $8.00 each or 3 for $21.00
Silver grey mats. Pretty papery flowerheads of a good rose pink in early summer. Sun. H10cm x W30cm.
Aquilegia laramiensisAQUILEGIA laramiensis $8.00
A rare species restricted to the Laramie Peak area in its native Wyoming this has dainty white flowers in spring. Part sun/shade. H15cm x W15cm.
Arabis caucasica variegataARABIS caucasica variegata $8.00
Broad cushions of soft grey green leaves with cream margins and pure white flowers in early summer. Ideal for covering walls and banks. Sun. Easy to grow.
Armeria maritima albaARMERIA maritima alba $8.00
Lovely white pompom flowerheads on slender stems over a dome of fresh green grassy leaves in late spring. Sun. H15cm x W25cm.
Asperula gussoniiASPERULA gussonii $8.00
A low moss-like hummock studded with almost stemless pale pink flowers in mid-summer. Sun. H4cm x W30cm.
Aubrietia Pink DoubleAUBRIETIA Pink Double $8.00
Double flowers of clear pink appear on this neat cushion in spring. Sun. H7cm x W20cm. Excellent on the rock garden, walls.
Azorella trifurcataAZORELLA trifurcata $8.00
Broad spreading hummocks of crispy apple green foliage. Dusted in summer with little greeny yellow flowers. Always immaculate. Sun. H15cm x W1m+
Brachyscome Break of DayBRACHYSCOME Break of Day $8.00
A much improved version of the Swan River Daisy. This makes a dark green bushlet covered with an endless display of rich lavender blue daisies, in a warm position. Sun. Sheltered positions, rock garden, banks and walls, containers, window boxes, baskets.
no photoBULBINELLA hookeri $8.00
Strappy copper-coloured leaves joined by spikes of golden yellow flowers. Part sun or cooler aspects. Winter dormant.NZ
Caltha palustris albaCALTHA palustris alba $8.00
This form of the Marsh Marigold produces pure white bowls in early spring. The glossy kidney-shaped foliage appears from a winter-dormant crown and the plant enjoys an open position with fertile boggy soil. Charming beside streams and pools. To about 25cm high.
Campanula fenestrellataCAMPANULA fenestrellata $8.00
A cushion of light grey green wreathed in soft lavender blue stars during summer.H15cm x W40cm.
Campanula G.F.WilsonCAMPANULA G.F.Wilson $8.00
Slowly spreading mat. Large open bells of rich purple on slender stems. Midsummer. Sun. H7cm x W30cm. Perfect for rock crevices and crazy paving. Winter dormant.
Campanula Mist MaidenCAMPANULA Mist Maiden $8.00
This form of C.rotundifolia, the Harebell, forms a mat of light green foliage which produces a airy profusion of small white bells on tall slender stems during summer and early autumn. Ideal for the front of the border or larger rock garden. Sun.
Campanula pullaCAMPANULA pulla $8.00
A slowly spreading mat habit and bells of deep purple from dark buds. Winter dormant.
Carduncellus pinnatusCARDUNCELLUS pinnatus $8.00
This is a very distinctive species for the open sunny rock garden with rosettes of deeply toothed leaves with a purple midrib. The many pale lavender flowers are arranged in a stemless central pompom and have very long protruding lavender styles.
Celmisia bellidioidesCELMISIA bellidioides $8.00
A dark green glossy cushion or mat. Many short-stemmed white daisies in summer. Flowers well here with morning sun and moist gritty soil. H7cm x W40cm. NZ
Centaurea simplicicaulisCENTAUREA simplicicaulis $8.00
Beautiful little cornflowers of lilac pink are borne on slender stems above a tidy low cushion of deeply cut grey green foliage. Small enough for a nice sunny position on the rock garden or raised bed.
Chrysanthemum mawii HokonuiCHRYSANTHEMUM mawii Hokonui $8.00
This chance seedling has a succession of flowers which are deeper pink than the form commonly offered in New Zealand. It has a very long flowering period and frequent picking or selective pruning keeps it neat and tidy. Sun. H30cm x W30cm.
Clematis HokonuiCLEMATIS Hokonui $10.00
Prostrate habit. Lacy olive green foliage with a lovely show of large white flowers in early summer. Very ornamental satiny green seedheads.
Crepis incanaCREPIS incana $8.00
The Pink Dandelion. A fine Greek species with greyish green foliage and slender branching stems of pure pink daisies from mid-summer. Just the thing to give gardening friends who think they have everything! Rarely sets seed. Sun. Rock garden, banks, front of the border.
Cyclamen purpurascensCYCLAMEN purpurascens $9.00
This is the sweetly fragrant Cyclamen of european deciduous woodlands, producing its fine pink flowers in summer and autumn. Tuber is dormant winter and spring. Lightly shaded areas outdoors.
Cytisus x kewensisCYTISUS x kewensis $8.00
A semi-prostrate dwarf shrub from Kew Gardens, London. Arching stems of lightly scented creamy flowers in spring. Lovely for picking and does not seed. This is the only broom we can sell to farmers' wives! Sun. Highly recommended. H25cm x W50cm.
Daphne mezereumDAPHNE mezereum $8.00
Mezereon. A deciduous species growing to approx. 1.4m high. Fragrant deep pink flower spikes before the foliage appears in spring. Lovely for picking.
Delosperma congestumDELOSPERMA congestum $8.00
Succulent cushion. Large and beautiful daisies of deep lemon yellow with a white eye beneath a fluffy yellow boss of stamens. Frost tolerant to -20Celsius. Sun. H5cm x W15cm.
Delosperma congestum White formDELOSPERMA congestum White Form $8.00
Succulent cushion. Large white stemless daisies opening from pale primrose buds. Frost tolerant to -20Celsius. Sun. H5cm x W15cm.
Dianthus alpinus albusDIANTHUS alpinus albus $8.00
A tidy little species for a sunny trough or rock garden, with tufts of shiny green narrow leaves and short-stemmed white flowers. Likes a moderately free-draining soil, not dry.
Dianthus alpinus Glowing Rose PurpleDIANTHUS alpinus Glowing Rose Purple $8.00
A tidy little species for a sunny trough or rock garden, with tufts of shiny green narrow leaves and short-stemmed glowing rose purple flowers in early summer. Propagated from a seedling which closely resembles Joan's Blood.
Dianthus Cherry RipeDIANTHUS Cherry Ripe $8.00
This forms a tuft of blue green foliage and has perfumed flowers of luscious cherry rose red. Dwarf. Sun.
Dianthus Fringed WhiteDIANTHUS Fringed White $8.00
A very floriferous dwarf grey cushion whose hundreds of little pure white flowers, while individually unexceptional in form, have a delicious spicy perfume. Excellent for a sunny position on the rock garden or over a wall.
Dianthus Nyewoods CreamDIANTHUS Nyewoods Cream $8.00
Low grey cushions and loads of little rich dairy cream flowers on fine dainty stems in early summer. Open sunny positions on the rock garden, top of a wall,edging or paving.
Dianthus Windward RoseDIANTHUS Windward Rose $8.00
Cushion. Double flowers of lilac pink. Perfumed. Sun. Lime. H15cm x W40cm.
Draba oligospermaDRABA oligosperma $8.00
We have wee buns raised from Alplains seed of this little slow-growing North American Draba. Tightly packed tiny leaves and stems of sunny yellow flowers in spring. A gem for crevices and trough gardens. Sun.
Dryas octopetalaDRYAS octopetala $8.00
Mountain Avens. Lovely milk white bowls opening from attractive rich cream buds buds. Mats of shiny 'oak' leaves. Sun. Lime. H7cm x W40cm.
Erigeron elegantulaERIGERON elegantula $8.00
A tidy wee Daisy with narrow needle-like leaves in a low tuft and plentiful lavender daisies. Perfect for a sunny trough or rock garden. Likes a warm open position and a fertile soil but not too dry.
Erigeron ursinusERIGERON ursinus $8.00
Neat tufts of spathulate foliage and short stems bearing solitary lavender blue daisies in early summer. Full sun.
Eriogonum umbellatum Sulphur BallERIOGONUM umbellatum Sulphur Ball $8.00
Grey green mat. Luminous sulphur yellow powderpuffs in summer. Sun. H15cm x W25cm.
Erysimum Orange FlameERYSIMUM Orange Flame $8.00
This cushion is covered with a lively display of crushed orange flowerheads from late winter until the end of spring. Lovely with blues and creams. Rock gardens, banks and walls. Sun. H8cm x W40cm.
Erysimum pulchellumERYSIMUM pulchellum $8.00
Compact light green cushions which produce loads of pale lemon yellow flowers in spring. Excellent cover on sunny walls and rockeries and an easy plant for the beginner. H10cm x W30cm.
Gentiana occidentalisGENTIANA occidentalis $9.00
From Czech seed, name not verified yet. Showy deep blue trumpets with dark spotting down the throat and over green patches at the lip. Fertile free-draining soils.
Gentiana paradoxaGENTIANA paradoxa $8.00
A gem from the Western Caucasus from Holubec seed. Narrowly linear leaves and 15cm stems carrying 1-3 large and showy bright blue trumpets with white throats spotted with violet. Winter dormant. Cool fertile humusy free-draining soils.
Gentiana septemfida Dwarf FormGENTIANA septemfida Dwarf Form $8.00
This species was part of Alistair Blee's collection. It is a free-flowering compact version of G.septemfida and is a very worthwhile plant for small rock gardens and troughs. Sun.
Gentiana vernaGENTIANA verna $9.00
This is a really delightful little species for rock gardens and troughs. Compact small rosettes and many upturned flowers of piercing blue during spring. Part sun. Firm planting. Fertile gritty soil with a dusting of lime. H8cm x W10cm.
Geranium subcaulescensGERANIUM subcaulescens $8.00
Showy rosy carmine flowers with striking sooty black stamens over neat tuft in summer. Sun. H12cm x W25cm.

PLANT CATALOGUE - H to Potentilla

PLANT CATALOGUE - Primula to Weldenia



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