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LATEST ENTRIES are indicated by a THUMBNAIL photo with a blue border.

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Our large collection of alpine plants and dwarf perennials
includes many unusual and uncommon varieties difficult to find elsewhere in New Zealand.
H x W = the approximate height and width of the plant in flower.
NZ = New Zealand native plant

Ordering from the Plant Catalogue

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Courier delivery charges (approx. 10-18 plants) as follows:
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North Island orders up to $28.60,
Rural Delivery additional fee $6.60.

Country customers may prefer their plants to be sent to a town address from where they can be collected.
This will save several days and rural delivery fees.

Payment is by online banking or direct payment to our bank, thank you. (details will be sent by email).

We are busy producing lots of new goodies and as soon as plants are ready for sale they are loaded onto our catalogue so please keep visiting our site, keep gardening and keep well.


Adonis brevistylaADONIS brevistyla $9.00
The feathered foliage appears in spring from winter resting buds and is soon joined by white bowls with blue reverse. Delights in a partly shaded position with cool fertile soil, preferably with some moisture during summer.
Allium sikkimensisALLIUM sikkimensis $9.00
A dainty small bulb with slender grassy foliage and pendant clusters of lovely blue flowers in summer. Small enough for the rock garden or a sunny trough. Winter dormant.
Androsace carnea laggeriANDROSACE carnea laggeri $8.00
Cushion of bright green needles and light pink flowers on short stems in spring. H6cm x W10cm.
Androsace sarmentosa Pink formANDROSACE sarmentosa Pink Form $8.00
Clusters of bright pink flowers on short stems over large hairy rosettes. A neat crevice-hugging mat of furry rosettes. Sun.
Androsace sempervivoidesANDROSACE sempervivoides $8.00
Neat cushions or mats with heads of light pink flowers on short stems during spring. Sunny trough or crevice.
Anemone obtusiloba patulaANEMONE obtusiloba patula $9.00
From a central tuft of lobed and downy foliage radiate long stems ending in beautiful blue saucers over summer. Thrives here in light shade with ample moisture during flowering. H15cm x W30cm.
Anemone ranunculoidesANEMONE ranunculoides $8.00
Cheerful golden yellow semi-double flowers over the mat of deeply divided foliage in late spring. Woodland conditions. H15cm x W30cm. Winter dormant.
Antennaria dioica roseaANTENNARIA dioica rosea $8.00
Silver grey mats. Pretty papery flowerheads of a good rose pink in early summer. Sun. H10cm x W30cm.
Aquilegia bertoloniiAQUILEGIA bertolonii $8.00
An easy little Columbine from the Pyrenees with low tufts of deep blue-green foliage and 1-2 good-sized deep blue nodding flowers per stem in early summer. A good species for those new to alpine gardening H10-15cm.
Aquilegia canadensisAQUILEGIA canadensis $8.00
Narrow Bonnets of salmon red lined with yellow. Borders, cottage gardens, shady borders.
Aquilegia saximontanaAQUILEGIA saximontana $8.00
A very dwarf species with pert little flowers of pale blue and white. H10cm x W7cm.
Asperula gussoniiASPERULA gussonii $8.00
A low moss-like hummock studded with almost stemless pale pink flowers in mid-summer. Sun. H4cm x W30cm.
Asphodelus acaulisASPHODELUS acaulis $9.00
The Spring Asphodel is native to Algeria and has stemless upturned salmon pink "Lilies" tucked at the base of slender strappy leaves in early spring. H20cm x W30cm. Stocks are limited this season.
Azorella trifurcataAZORELLA trifurcata $8.00
Broad spreading hummocks of crispy apple green foliage. Dusted in summer with little greeny yellow flowers. Always immaculate. Sun. H15cm x W1m+
Campanula betulaefoliaCAMPANULA betulaefolia $8.00
Low clumps of toothed foliage and lovely pendant white bells in summer. A gem for the connoisseur and delightful over the edge of a trough or in a crevice on the rock garden. Winter dormant.
Campanula nitidaCAMPANULA nitida $8.00
Dark green crinkled rosettes. Upright stems carrying outward-facing large powder blue saucers in summer. Evergreen, smart, and non-running. H15cm x W30cm.
Campanula nitida albaCAMPANULA nitida alba $8.00
As above with large milk-white saucers in mid-summer.
Campanula raineriCAMPANULA raineri $9.00
Large upturned flowers of powder blue appear just above a mat of grey green ground-hugging rosettes. A very choice Bellflower for a sunny position and free-draining soil with a dusting of lime forked in. Spreads slowly and perfect for that special corner or crevices on the rock garden.
Celmisia bellidioidesCELMISIA bellidioides $8.00
A dark green glossy cushion or mat. Many short-stemmed white daisies in summer. Flowers well here with morning sun and moist gritty soil. H7cm x W40cm. NZ
Chrysanthemum mawii HokonuiCHRYSANTHEMUM mawii Hokonui $8.00
This chance seedling has a succession of flowers which are deeper pink than the form commonly offered in New Zealand. It has a very long flowering period and frequent picking or selective pruning keeps it neat and tidy. Sun. H30cm x W30cm.
Conanthera campanulataCONANTHERA campanulata $9.00
We've often been asked about this and have a few young bulbs available for early customers. A Chilean relative of Tecophilaea (Chilean Blue Crocus). The slender branching stems appear in summer carrying light violet bells. It needs a sunny position, light well-drained soil and, growing about 30cm high, will need protection from strong winds. Limit one per order.
Crepis incanaCREPIS incana $8.00
The Pink Dandelion. A fine Greek species with greyish green foliage and slender branching stems of pure pink daisies from mid-summer. Just the thing to give gardening friends who think they have everything! Rarely sets seed. Sun. Rock garden, banks, front of the border.
Cyananthus lobatus Inshriach GiantCYANANTHUS lobatus Inshriach Giant $8.00
Mats of soft green in spring are soon joined by large periwinkle flowers of rich blue. H5cm x W30cm. Winter dormant. Fertile well-drained soil in well-lit part shade. Choice and highly recommended.
Cyclamen hederifolium PinkCYCLAMEN hederifolium Pink $8.00
Typical twirly flowers in abundance, rising from a large flattened tuber in autumn, are soon joined by ivy-shaped leaves attractively marked with silver. Tubers offered are from a fine pink form. Part shade. Cool fertile soil. Sets plenty of seed and will soon reward you with a lovely carpet of foliage and flowers.
Cyclamen hederifolium White FormCYCLAMEN hederifolium White Form $8.00
The same as the above variety, with pure white flowers. Same conditions etc.
Cyclamen mirabileCYCLAMEN mirabile $9.00
Young tubers offered of this uncommon species. Soft pink petals with toothed margins and a deep maroon patch at the mouth of the flower. Emerging foliage often shows a pink blush.
Daphne mezereumDAPHNE mezereum $8.00
Mezereon. A deciduous species growing to approx. 1.4m high. Fragrant deep pink flower spikes before the foliage appears in spring. Lovely for picking.
Daphne oleoidesDAPHNE oleoides $9.00
A low rounded bush eventually to about 35cm x35cm with hundreds of cream flowers in summer. Open sunny positions, not dry.
Delosperma Hot DiggityDELOSPERMA Hot Diggity $9.00
Selected from a range of little fleshy-leaved plants, this has hot reddish pink daisies with luminous lavender centres. Hot sunny troughs and warm possies on the rock garden will be ideal for this cutie. These experienced -10C frosts and 15cm snow last winter and were OK. H5cm x W15cm. Highly recommended. Limit two per order.
Delosperma species PinkDELOSPERMA species Pink $8.00
This little succulent mat comes from Southern Africa and sports pink daisies just above the foliage throughout summer. Sun. H5cm x W15cm.
Dianthus alpinus albusDIANTHUS alpinus albus $8.00
A tidy little species for a sunny trough or rock garden, with tufts of shiny green narrow leaves and short-stemmed white flowers. Likes a moderately free-draining soil, not dry.
Galanthus plicatusGALANTHUS plicatus $9.00
Crimean Snowdrop. Broad foliage with reflexed margins to the leaves. One green apical mark on each inner petal.
Galax aphyllaGALAX aphylla $15.00
Shining rounded leaves turning vivid red in winter. Slender spires of white flowers in early summer. A fine evergreen North American for peaty soil, part shade. Exceedingly slow to propagate, young plants. Seldom offered. Limit one per order.
Gentiana vernaGENTIANA verna $9.00
This is a really delightful little species for rock gardens and troughs. Compact small rosettes and many upturned flowers of piercing blue during spring. Part sun. Firm planting. Fertile gritty soil with a dusting of lime. H8cm x W10cm.
Geranium subcaulescensGERANIUM subcaulescens $8.00
Showy rosy carmine flowers with striking sooty black stamens over neat tuft in summer. Sun. H12cm x W25cm.
Gypsophila repens albaGYPSOPHILA repens alba $8.00
A prolific pure white-flowered rockery Gypsophila which really 'froths' over during summer. Marvellous on walls and banks. H12cm x W45cm.
Gypsophila tenuifoliumGYPSOPHILA tenuifolium $8.00
This species forms a tight dome of foliage with many slender wiry stems carrying clear pink single flowers in summer. Sun. H30cm.





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