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A New Zealand ALPINE PLANT NURSERY with Online Catalogue of Colourful Alpines and Rock Garden Plants available by Mail Order.

         A rustic trough containing a New Zealand Helichrysum

	 WELCOME!   We are a small alpine plant nursery owned by Peter Salmond. 
Hokonui Alpines have specialised in a large range of alpine plants from all around the world and dwarf perennials and miniature bulbs suitable for smaller gardens. For more than fifty-five years we have been growing and selling these lovely little plants by mail order to enthusiastic gardeners throughout New Zealand.

During the course of the coming season we intend to clear as much of our retail stock and propagating stock as possible, through the website.

Newly replanted troughs with a crevice arrangement of rocks Potting of dwarf Rhododendrons and the last of our Auriculas has now been completed. We are now working through a range of other material including dwarf bulbs, tubestock, cuttings and seedlings.

Much of our propagation stock has now left the nursery, to new homes where the intention is to maintain and propagate them for continued distribution.
Round trough

Mail Order Plant List Online

Our CATALOGUE of plants available by mail order will continue to be updated, currently this is just deleting sold-out items.

There will be a major update in mid to late spring, when the majority of the bulbs for sale are in growth, and will also include a number of small Rhododendrons, some Auriculas, and other treasures and uncommon varieties.
A furry leaved Origanum flowering happily in a trough Preparation, potting and cataloging of bulbs and plants, ready for sale, demands our full attention so please only orders for currently available plants, at present.

For helpful tips on siting, soil and maintenance, and ways to grow and enjoy our range you may enjoy reading the article GROWING ALPINE and ROCK GARDEN PLANTS.
A little species Tulip adds a splash of colour and interesting foliage to this trough garden Photos on this page:

These are some of the hypertufa troughs and container gardens which we have been replanting and refurbishing this month.

Autumn is a great time for projects such as these, the temperatures are dropping and the heat of summer gives way to cool refreshing rains before winter.

In some of the planters the stones have been arranged to give crevices of varying widths to accommodate cushions and little creeping species. In others, round river stones have been randomly set to provide surfaces for the plants to cuddle up to. The inclusion of miniature tulips, daffodils and other little bulbs extends the flowering impact.

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