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A New Zealand ALPINE PLANT NURSERY with Online Catalogue of Colourful Alpines and Rock Garden Plants available by Mail Order.

         Aquilegia saximontana

	 Delosperma Hot Diggity


WELCOME! We are a small alpine plant nursery owned by Peter Salmond.
Hokonui Alpines specialise in a large range of alpine plants from all around the world and dwarf perennials and miniature bulbs suitable for smaller gardens. For more than fifty-five years we have been growing and selling these lovely little plants by mail order to enthusiastic gardeners throughout New Zealand.
The nursery LOCATION, at an altitude of about 225 metres, lies in the Hokonui Hills a few kilometres North West of Gore, in the lower South Island of New Zealand. Our climate is cool temperate, with cool dry winters, wet springs, and long daylight hours and low humidity in summer. Temperatures range from -10C to 30+C.

Sempervivum hookeri Geranium Ballerina

Mail Order Plant List Online

Our CATALOGUE of plants available by mail order features an ever-changing selection of dwarf perennials, alpines and rock garden plant treasures perfect for growing in container gardens, planters, pots, rock gardens, walls, paving and raised beds.

Geranium subcaulescens Saxifraga paniculata minutifolia Even if you're not into rock gardens you will find our catalogue includes plenty of beautiful small plants which will thrive in most gardens.
Browse our large plant selection where you will see easy-to-grow colourful plants as well as the rare and special gems to delight the enthusiast.

For helpful tips on siting, soil and maintenance, and ways to grow and enjoy our range you may enjoy reading the article GROWING ALPINE and ROCK GARDEN PLANTS.
Campanula betulaefolia Oxalis lobata Our Plant Catalogue is refreshed regularly - latest update 29th JULY 2021
We have thousands of new plants potted for spring and these will be listed as soon as they are ready. Please keep visiting! Thank you.

We grow many varieties no longer found elsewhere in NZ. With the number of specialist nurseries now greatly reduced we are working constantly to conserve, propagate and distribute the plants we have.
Saxifraga cochlearis minor Iris mellita rubramarginata Hokonui Alpines actively selects for improved plant health and continues to hybridise and extend the existing range. Plants include Delosperma Hot Diggity, NZ cushion Forget Me Not hybrids, Clematis Hokonui (a Cl.marmoraria hybrid), Phlox Pink Buttons, Armeria Sugar Baby, Primula bhutanica x aureata, Daphne cneorum from seed including hybrids, a lemon-flowered Ranunculus lyalli hybrid (unfortunately now lost) and a range of Auriculas (Dusty Millers) which are proving popular in season.
Nerine filifolia Aquilegia bertolonii NURSERY VISITORS -
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Nursery entrance: Gate Four, Croydon Siding Road, off Highway 94.
Sorry, no groups or bus tours.
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Iris verna Ptilotrichum spinosum roseum
Photos on this page:
A selection of lovely little plants suitable for growing in a trough or container garden.
These enjoy an open sunny position and a moderately fertile soil which drains freely.
A trough approximately 30cm wide by 40cm long by 35cm deep will take 5-6 plants.
Several are currently available in our online catalogue.

AQUILEGIA saximontana, DELOSPERMA Hot Diggity


GERANIUM subcaulescens, SAXIFRAGA paniculata minutifolia

OXALIS lobata (yellow), CAMPANULA betulaefolia

SAXIFRAGA cochlearis minor, IRIS mellita rubramarginata

NERINE filifolia, AQUILEGIA bertolonii

IRIS verna, PTILOTRICHUM spinosum roseum

SAPONARIA Bressingham, SILENE acaulis

Saponaria Bressingham You may enjoy visiting the links below to garden websites and alpine plant and rock garden enthusiasts. Most of them have online alpine plant forums which you can read and contribute to, and the societies and clubs all have world-wide memberships, seedlists, meetings, shows and events (depending on Covid situation), and produce excellent bulletins each year.
Each one combines the long experience of its members to produce unrivalled expertise and hands-on knowledge of alpine and rock garden plants.
Silene acaulis DAVE'S GARDEN


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